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Started out as a blog about my life in Japan now it is a mixture of that and me dicking around online with my friends back in America. Nobody was reading this anyway lololololol let the insanity continue.

You will find me mostly reblogging Mass Effect, My Little Pony, and other video game and anime stuff and occasionally making posts about me, my life, and other things I like. I'm pretty lazy about this blog otherwise haha.

My user name SarahHime is a play on my name with Japanese. My name Sarah means Princess in Hebrew and Hime means Princess in Japanese.

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Fem. Commander Shepard Figurine by Play Arts.  She is the 4th release of the Mass Effect series of figurines. There are Man Shep and Ashley figures but as I do not play as Man Shep and dislike Ashley’s character I did not purchase them. I have a Tali that will arrive tomorrow and will do a photo set as well for her.

Alright so as with Garrus, Shepard comes with detachable hands and ball joints. She is lighter and easier to pose than Garrus and is less likely to fall over.

She comes with an Omni tool with blade extended.  N7 Valiant Sniper Rifle, and an N7 Hurricane SMG.

I have had no real disappoints with this figurine. It is a wonderfully detailed work of art.

I have one small problem with one of the hands. The ball joint for the hand can come off completely. DON’T WORRY IT IS ABLE TO DO THIS. It was a little difficult because the ball joint was attached to the hand part instead of the arm part so I had to get some small pliers for jewelry making and gently wiggle it off to stick it back to the arm so I could switch hands out.

Otherwise the design is allot easier to pose, stand, and even remove from the box than Garrus was. I will do a separate photo set of Garrus and Shepard together and later another group photo set when Tali arrives tomorrow! 

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